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Integrity first

We respect all customers, including St. fly Confederate supply chain and the holy fly concerned friends, the media, treat them as we want to be treated as.

We believe that integrity is a safeguard each other, we will be credibility as a corporate trademark, the trustworthy as the basic point of business survival.

In order to create value proud

That employees create value proud.

That customers create value proud.

That the community create value proud.

Companies that create value proud.

That human beings create value proud.

The spirit of enterprise:

Excellent corporate culture to infect humans, inspiring people, unite people, along the way, Holy fly always continue to accumulate and improve their own spirit

Constantly better ourselves:

We know that things change and development is eternal, any complacency will promising enterprises into the abyss.

In San fly thinking and behavior, always constant is innovation, and beyond.


We see the team for life, any act prejudicial to the team's opposition.

We require every employee, to consider the issue and doing things from the overall interests of the holy fly, emphasizing the collective consciousness,

Opposed to the individual consciousness and local interests as the center, to oppose and eradicate friction.

Diligent and pragmatic:

We believe in "less force is not money"! Only indomitable fighting spirit diligent and pragmatic work, to the holy fly casting brilliant success.

We advocate with enthusiasm and wisdom, as well as a positive attitude and enjoy working, dedicated, conscientious, to build grand cause of holy fly.

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